Aesthetic appearance
To combine modern aesthetics, the art of living and nature, a wooden framework is the best solution. It allows one to closely follow contemporary architecture, while benefiting from the advantages of wooden construction. Une rénovation de salle de bain commence par une bonne répartition dans l’espace. L’endroit est souvent réduit, chaque élément doit être astucieusement disposé.
A design in line with your ideas
Our versatility is a major asset in the designing of your living spaces, which we will arrange according to your lifestyle. We will be able to create an intimate, warm and welcoming atmosphere, for good living.
The heart of our trade
We build houses or extensions using traditional masonry. The use of various materials constitutes the heart of our trade, and is well-known by us. We will apply and make available our know-how to your project.
We ensure that your electrical installation falls within the standards imposed by insurers. Our expertise in masonry enables us to offer you a fully embedded installation, which will be far more functional and elegant that an installation under moulding. We guarantee the conformity of our installations according to the standards in force; these will be certified by an independent inspection body (CONSUEL).
Thermal regulation 2012 ?
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BBC Label ?
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Mastery of trades

Versatility and expertise

Renovation, restoration, new build, external, interior. In carrying out your project, our role is to provide you with the most suitable possible solution; In terms of know-how, as well as techniques, materials or equipment used.

Mastered techniques

Qualifications and certifications in carpentry, framework and the installation of kitchens are your guarantees of the successful completion of your works.

Your project

Our commitments

In compliance with the code of practice, the company ABR carries out all projects for private individuals or professionals. These projects will be carefully implemented by respecting your tastes and your budget. You have your ideas and desires; we are committed to respecting them while guaranteeing a professional job.

Always at your service

At the service of our customers, we offer you a precise study of your project. While respecting your wishes we will suggest to you the solutions best suited to satisfying your requests. We offer high quality services, a commitment on the duration of the works, and a guarantee of cleanliness of the premises.